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Car Dies When Stopping

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Hi Guys

I have Camry XLE 95 model. Sometimes when I stop it somewhere e.g at a signal than the car does some knocking and dies. When I turn the ignition on it gets started again. Can someone please help me out what could be the problem. I have tried increasing the RPMs but it doesn't work.
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when you stop does the rmp revs up and down and shakes a lot and then die??? if so then there is a breakage in one of the tube, i dont know what its called but if you have a pics of the engine bay i can prolly point it out to ya
actual knocking? or just the engine struggling and then dies?

check that your iac is working properly
Yeah , i wouldn't call it actuall knocking . It just engine becomes week all of a sudden and than stops.
probably you need change idle air control valve. I guess
the engine becomes weak as if it needs more air rite??
I had that prblem before, But my symptoms were if i were only on some kind of hill incline and if i barely gased it my rpm gauge will go up and down from half a K and down to zero and back to half a K at idle again only if it didn't die on me. If i were to gas it it would be fine and won't die if my rpm was up. One day my car wouldn't start totally, my accessory lights and everything was on but not start up, looked very hard and saw that one of my fuses in the relay of the engine bay was facked and needed a new one, i replaced it with a new one costed 4$ and the engine dieing shyt never happened again. Maybe that fuse relay is your problem also, might be old and need a new one.

Where is that fuse relay is located and how I can check it?

Can someone point me how I can find the IAC valve and how I can clean it. I looked for some online writeups but pictures arn't as clear.
fuse and relay boxes are in the engine bay next to your intake.
I think the same thing happened to my 93. It was a bad cylinder, mostly...Mechanic suggested that replacing the engine was the cheapest solution. Changing the timing helped, but was a temporary solution.

Ended up selling the car 2 weeks after I had the timing adjusted.
Could be a dirty EGR valve or a bad IAC valve or several other things. Will you be working on the car yourself? If so, go buy a Chilton's (my preference) repair manual for that year and someone can probably help you through the process. You may luck out and find it right away or you may have to test a lot of things before you find the culprit. It isn't particularly difficult just takes time and patience.

The IAC is located beneath the throttle body. There is a diamond shaped hole in the bottom of the throttle body (nearer the firewall I think). You might try squirting some compatible cleaner in there and letting it sit for a while. Make sure that the cleaner is throttle body and/or IAC valve and O2 sensor safe. If it doesn't help you may need to remove the IAC to clean it properly. Also, clean the throttle body and EGR system while you're in the area. Oh, and the PCV valve too...

There are several other possibilities but this is as good a place to start as any.

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