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i've got a 1990 toyota hiace...
cars signals usually blink every 0.7 - 1 sec.

but now my right indicator blinks really fast...the left indicator blinks at normal speed...

it has been blinking for a few weeks already...

why does it happen???
i brought my car to get a pink slip...i said why does it blink fast??? the mechanic said at least it blinks.. LOL...damn it

it has happened before where both signals blink fast...

i remember seeing r33 skylines...and other cars with fast blinkers

this has happened in my past...few times through the last 2 years...

i had the car repaired spring last year...engine caught a bit of fire.

after the repairs it was fine again

now it happens again...
or should i try disconnecting the car battery and see what happens?

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RE: Signals

Try replacing the flasher relay(s). Dont know if your model has one for each direction (Left-right) or not. They are only a couple bucks at most any auto parts store, and are 'plug and play' as far as installation. They DO wear out and will start flashing fast like you say........
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