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Car Insurance woes !

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In renewal process for my 85 Celica, and mentioned about being completely covered, and mentioned I wanted to ensure that my baby was mint. My biggest mistake that I mentioned it was at a car show to show-off the cars condition (Darknights), and immediatly the Insurance rep said I voilated the policy and will cancel my insurance in 2 weeks. Stipulation: 'car should not be used for racing or any car shows' is the disclaimer.
What a rip-off. Now I'm searching for an insurance company that would take my Celica. Anyone heard of or tried 'Silver Wheels'?

Sleekaman (oh yes, that damn insurance company is called The Personal).:mad: :mad: :mad:
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That's total BS!! It's not a "show car" in the sense of the word. The cat is out of the bag and you can't really go back to explain. It'll just fall on deaf ears.

Wait a have 2 other cars with them right? Maybe you can use that as leverage and call back and explain to them the circumstances and how your car is not a "show car". Otherwise, shop around. I'm sure you won't have too much trouble. Some names I heard that were good are TD, RBC and ING. Good luck.
I tried

Phi, I tried, them bastards, just said, if your car was at the show, it deems it to be a show car, yes, kept explaining that to deaf ears and fell to the floor when she said we are cancelling the insurance for the Celica in two weeks. Yes, the two other Toys are with them still. So, warning, tell your insurance nothing, BUT if they find out that your car was at any Car show, ie. Darknights, and a tent fell on it, you rest to be assurred that your car will NOT be covered. Otherwise snoop and check with your insurance company via anonymously to find out. It seems that insurance companies just don't want to ensure our cars.
Your car especially Phi, will the insurance cover you for all the mods you put it if someone was to happen to your ride ? Can I ask who you are with ?

:confused: :confused: :confused:
If your the type to make noise when you feel you've been treated unfairly, write to newspapers, consumer associations etc (ie the message out and it'll help you feel better to vent :)
Just becareful of those small insurance places. My friend just told me that after paying insurance to this one company for 2 years, he finally had to make a claim because he got in an accident. Apparently the guy wasn't a real business, he was just taking his monthly payments! :eek: And then when he went to sue, he closed shop and left town...actually a ton of people were after him.

When I was applying for my insurance with my broker, I saw her screen and there was a checkbox for "Modified". She told me that they'll cover things like stereo's, but only up to $500...that's all I remember. BTW, I'm with State Farm.
Thats the thing im going to be worried about after my engine swap. I really dont want the insurance people to know ive added 60hp to my camry...I dont think they'd like that too much.

im affraid if i get in a wreck, they'll find its not the stock motor, and drop my coverage.

ive got about a month before my 3SGE arrives from japan, so i guess ill figure it out then.
Just be aware

This thread is only info for all of you Toy fans...just wanted to make sure you don't get screwed like me. Its sort'of like a rude awakening because I know it affects probably 90% of us, meaning that 90% of you have some serious mods/upgrades. And people have seen my car, its mostly stock for goodness sake.
Re: Just be aware

sleekaman said:
And people have seen my car, its mostly stock for goodness sakes.
I can just imagine how pissed you are right now :disappoin

Insurance companies need a serious shakedown!!! :mad: :mad:
WoW....... That is total B.S. i feel soo sorry for you Harvey...
Now you know what Jae went through too.

I think really you should write an artice and sent it in to the sun or star, Whats the worst that can happen?

Update - Now I have Insurance

Well folks, the saga finally ended. I got in touch with the Insurance Bureau of Canada Obudsman, and they gave me a contact at the Personal to call. I made several calls, and finally dealt with the original person I was dealing with. Here is the scope, they re-evaluated the file, and said, since I've been a long-standng customer and all, they can continue to insure me, BUT with a stipulation clause. ie. it goes like this:
I will NOT be using my Celica for:
1) any car shows
2) track lapping
3) racing
4) commercial use (pizza deliveries) sorry Ric.

then they can insure me, BUT, even an appraisal report will not mean any difference for coverage. Just got the car appraised at $3400. The Insurance company will not honour this value. They would replace the car's book value in case of a total loss or if its stolen. So maybe an 85 Celica book value is $500, thats all I'll get. Its not the Insurance company's mandate to ensure cars with these types of appraisal values. They said maybe others may. Well sorry folks, no more Darknights for this car, maybe I can hitch a ride with one of you next year.
:rolleyes: :disappoin:mad:
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I was looking for a car insurance to for my 1983 car and Im really having a hard time to get a quote rite now. I tried calling some places and all they did is get my information like my name and address and they told me that they have to send me a form to fill up and i have to send it back again. I dont really know whats going on. I remember when I used to call for insurance they usually give me the quote rite away. So does anyone know some good places to get a quote for my 1983 starlet thanks

damn, least they're covering you tho.....just make sure you don't get into an accident w/ that mint mint car....$500 isn't even close to what its worth....:disappoin
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