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Car Shakes when driving at high speed (new rear rotors/pads installed).

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Fellow RAV4 owners about two weeks ago I replaced both of my rear rotors and brake pads (2008 Rav 4). At first they were fine , but now they shake noticeably when I'm driving at high speeds (60-80 mph). I bought these rotors from advance Auto parts


The brake pads I got them from Pep boys: their pro-stop line.

Most of my research indicates that the problem is from warped rotors, but I just bought mine.

I must also point out that when I was replacing the rotor, one of the pins was completely stuck jammed. I took it out and lubed it and made sure it moved freely.
I also flushed the brake fluid.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Could be crappy rotors, sounds like they're warped already... I'd take them back and ask for a new pair if they're that new, looks like they have a 2yr warranty at least.

I would also make sure your calipers are not seizing... if one side is working fine and the other one is not, it could create contact and therefore heat on one side only, leading to warping.
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