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Car starting problem

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I have a 1997 Camry had some starting issues that arose about 3 months ago i would turn the key and it would click gradually i would have to keep turning the key all the while just that one click it turned out to be the battery was dead and they cheked the starter it was ok now the car turns on after a couple times turning the key since it has a new battery but it still doesnt g o on after just one turn

could it be i need new spark plugs the sears techncian said it could be an elctrical problem he said the starter is ok and the alternator charges the car perfectly it was just the dead battery he could come up with ..

can anyone give me spme input thanks !!!:confused:
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If you are hearing just one click and the starter does not turn, then it sounds like the common starter solenoid contacts problem. Do a search for "starter contacts". The starter's solenoid has worn contacts. This has been covered many times on this site. The fix is to remove the starter and replace solenoid contacts, or replace the whole starter with a rebuilt one, or have your original starter rebuilt by an auto electrical rebuild shop in your area.

Here's a link on replacing the contacts yourself, once the starter has been removed from the car:

sounds good i just went to circuitcity to have a subwooker installed and they would do it cause it ddint start properly and they do not want to be liable i kno its anoying hopeful thsi works?
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