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Car still pulls after alignment & wheel replaced

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I just got alignment done and my car still pulls to the left. So Sears thought it was my tires, they just gave me two new ones for the front under warranty (plus $35.xx labor charge for some odd reason)

Ne ways, after the new tires, the car still pulls left, when I center AND HOLD the steering wheel there, the car pulls right..., when I let go, the steering wheel tilts left and the car pulls left... so..

I look at my alignment sheet again and look. Two things appear out of spec after the alignment i did bout 3 days ago...

2000 SOlara 4-cly

Front Left Tire

Specified range 12.3 to 13.7
Before 9.9
After 10.0

Included angle
Specified range 10.9 to 13.9
Before 8.9
After 8.9

I know toe, camber, caster.. but what's "SAI" and "Included angle?" Would that be causeing the car to pull to the left?
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The TSB is ST002-04 and applies to the Solara, Camry and Avalon - it was issued on Feb. 4, 2004. It instructs service to rotate the upper spring seat and if it still pulls to increase the right front camber and decrease the left front camber
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