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Car woes for the entire family

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My driveway holds 2 Rx-7 Turbo IIs, one that just blew it's rear rotor, and one that runs perfectly, but we're still waiting for the title. A automatic N/A '91 RX-7 is also sitting on the driveway, and we were going to sell it, but the tranny's shot. So we're down to our 2 Toyotas, which we got because we know you have to have reliable back-ups when dealing with RX-7s. The good thing about having to rebuild my dad's Turbo II engine is that we're sending the turbo to Turbonetics and they are going to clean and improve it a bit. we have 5 cars, and can only use 2 right now:disappoin
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Nah, still nothing. But at least I'm next in line at the mechanic's. He takes his sweet time but he does great work. I'm going to leave it there for a few weeks. Me and my dad are trying to buy the header and muffler so we can just get everything on at once.

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Take care of them 7's man. but I have you beat!

I have a 58 chevy apache, 89 IROC Z, 78 chevy scottsdale, a 86 chevy custom delux (truck), 71 datsun 240Z, and an 87 toy 4X4. (thats 6 vehicles) the yota is the only one running.

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Here's car woes

1989 Ford F250 4x4 (Just Bought, now selling)

1989 Ford F250 Cab and a Half (For Sale, Sitting, not running)

1989 Pontiac Bonneville (Old Family Car, Sitting)

1986 Toyota Corolla GTS Coupe (My Daily Car)

1987 Toyota Corolla GTS Hatch (Parts Car)

1987 Toyota Corolla GTS Hatch (Parts Car)

1986 Toyota Corolla SR5 Hatch (Project Car)

1993 GMC Diesel Van (dad got it for free, no use from it)

1990 Ford Van (rusted, not running and just sitting)

1995 Chevy Work Van (dad's daily work van)

1995 Pontiac Bonneville (Was family car, is now being sold)

1999 Saab 9-5 (Picking up thursday, new family car)

That's 12 cars, only 3 we use, now that's sad

Good luck with those rx-7's, awesome cars, my uncles got a heavily tuned FD, amazing car.
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