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car won't start now...

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I'm pretty sure everyone's out tonight, having a good time. Meanwhile back at the ranch I can't even get my car started now. I changed the wires, distributor cap and rotor and plugs. At first i noticed I put the 4 and 3 wires wrong into the dizzy. i hope that didnt mess anything up. But other than that, with that now fixed, the starter just turns and turns and nothing happens. I unhooked the negative terminal to do all this. That's back on now, lol...

Other than that I just can't think of anything. I mean, it should at least start, right? It would run like shit I imagine, but damn I can't believe it won't start. This is soooooo frustrating...

anyone have any ideas?
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could I have blown the relay perhaps?
This takes two people. You could take one of the old spark plugs, ground it to the motor put it on one of the wires and crank it over to see if you have ANY spark.

If not, put the spark plug wire directly on the coil and try it again. If you do, you have a cap or rotor problem.

Note - it seems to me that on the 5SFE you can put the spark plug wires on the coil, but maybe not on the 3SGTE. Sorry, I can't remember, my motor has no distributor. :)
I'm pretty sure now it's the dizzy. Not that I've tested it or anything. It's just a simple matter of fact that if I had even partial juice going to the wires it would have kicked over, even if it ran like crap. That's not the case. Instead the starter just keeps turning as if there's nothing getting to the cylinders.

After beating my head on the wall for several minutes I finally opted to sleeping this off and putting the old ignition components back on, specifically the dizzy and rotor, and seeing what happens then.

Thanks for the heads up mitch, but I was solo, and my cat just wasnt wanting to help out in the least...
It seems to me that if you mixed up the three and four wires, then your plugs would fire at completely the wrong times...probably even when valves were still open. Since you caught the mistake early, i wouldnt imagine any damage was done to non-electrical components. Check every fuse in the car, even ones you think have nothing to do with the problem. If this doesnt work, you probably need new ignition component(s) like you said before.

Send the cat to engineering school.
crap... so what you're saying is that I could have blown my engine? I tried starting it several times before I realized that i had the wires crossed...

/Now crossing fingers...
eclypz said:
crap... so what you're saying is that I could have blown my engine? I tried starting it several times before I realized that i had the wires crossed...

/Now crossing fingers...
Jeepers, uncross your fingers!

IF you have the wires all screwed up, about the worst thing that can happen is that you will get a backfire into the intake, or out the exhaust (which then wouldn't really be a backfire, now would it?). At least you'd hear SOMETHING trying to fire.

Is there any possibility that you knocked loose the plug at the side of the distributor? These wires provide the timing signals to the ECU.

At this point, you might also want to do a diagnostic with the Check Engine Light (CEL). This is where you short E1 and TE1 in the diagnostic connector and count the flashes of the CEL.
the plug at the side of the distributor. Are you talking about something on the distributor or to the reaf or front of it? In this case, front being towards the front of the car, which side are you talking about? Or are you talking about something actually on the distributor? I will take a look.

And I will get a CEL to happen if I need to.

You know, I just want to say real fast: you guys are great. I wouldn't have the patience to answer so many knuckleheaded questions like the ones I ask. I appreciate all your help, and would return the favor should you ever need help in areas that I am familiar with, one of them NOT being
And just to let everyone know why I'm a little fried out about this on top of everything... I spent two hours last night while working on my car, trying to find one of the bolts that went to the throttle body. Talk about nerve wrecking, a total of four hours and now my damn car won't start, lol...

And yes I am an OPTIMIST! :lol:
Ok, for one thing, you have yet to say whether you have a Turbo or an N/A, and what year. This matters because the caps and wires are of different designs.

I can't really remember what that connector looks like, partly because mine was so dirty.

On that note, a Toyota cap has numbers in it, and so do the wires, so it's pretty tough to really screw it all up. Unless of course you can't read. Which we already know you can do, since you are on here. :)
I need to put that info in my sig, mitch...

it's a 91 turbo.

And yes, I know the numbers are marked. I have been known to have the ability to defy all sensibilities sometimes. I'm way too right brained for this stuff, so it's a challenge for me.

I could design a body kit for the mr2 that would take it to a whole new level of hotness, but then I'd end up turning around and bolting the damn spoiler to the hood, lol....
eclypz, I sent you a PM.
got her runnin!!

Let's just say this is a case of live and learn. I bought napa plug wires, not oem. I know I know... Well they weren't numbered and instead of just matching them up I just grabbed the shortest one and assumed that to be 1. Big mistake... Well situation solved, the ignition is now working splendidly...

Thanks again to all those who helped out...
John, drop me an email:

[email protected]

Glad you figured it out!
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