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Car Wont Turn Over

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I just got done adding on my exhaust headers and re-wiring my battery wires.. my battery was dead so charged it and now my car wont start or even try to turn over.. I checked the wires they all seem to be secure and Ive tried charging the battery again.. When I turn the car to On I hear a click noise from this unit underneath the windshield washer fluid container.. Any help is appreciated... While re doing my battery wires I had my intake pulled out, dont know if that has anything to do with it..
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I didn't see anything under my tank on 95 LE. Are you sure it isn't the starter solenoid clicking. It will do this if the battery is too weak to engage it properly. The battery may be shot, have you tried boosting it?
It wouldnt start once before I did all this and I jumped it..but this time all I did was charge it on the battery charger.. I have a 93 maybe it changed between the gen 3's and 3.5's it may be my starter solenoid I'm not sure..

Oh yeah one more thing my batter got left in the rain one night I left and came back and it was storming.. dont know if this caused it.. my battery wont turn over and if I just turn to on the windows barely work and the corner lights are dim and headlights and lows wont turn on..
probably a dead battery. jump the sucker and go buy a new one.
Ok.. could leaving the battery out in the rain.. ruin the battery?
Only if it was submersed in a deep puddle. :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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