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carb trouble

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so i put the 38 weber on (89 2wd manual tranny) but i assumed it would come with an adapter plate that would allow me to connect all of the vacuum lines. (there wasnt) so my question is has anyone done this conversion and have any suggestions? am i supposed to plug all of them? take tem out? AAAAHHHHH!:headbang: thanks guys
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If the "torrance" you are from is in california, you should see what you are allowed to do and still pass inspection.

As far as what you can remove and still run, Probably everything but the vacuum advance lines. The hose that goes to the port that is closest to the distributor is manifold vacuum and the one that is outermost is ported vacuum.
cool thanks! i went thru and found EVERY line that had vacuum to it and plug them and ran the bigger hose that used to go to my air cleaner to the pcv. now it runs perfect! doesnt stall or run/idle rough anymore!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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