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Okay I understand speaking of a carbon fiber monocoque in a Toyota Forum is unheard of but information like this is very valuable in the near future.

I've been researching on engines, aerodynamics to wind, interior design, and 50/50 weight distribution and especially....Chassis.

I'm very interested in how much a carbon fiber monocoque is going to cost me and how it's going to be done ( if anyone knows the price and process)

Project background:
This is an extremely big project for me and this is more like a Chip Foose outlook, but I'm starting this project in at least 5 years.

My 1988 Toyota Celica is going to be completely redesigned from the inside out...everything. It's body is going to be wider, longer, fit to look like it can easily get on the track with some impressive numbers as well as drag racing, all while it can still retain it's street legal driveablility and as close as it can look to the original Celica design, which I'm currently in the process of designing.

I understand the expense of all this.

So a carbon fiber monocoque... process and price?

Much appreciated thanks.

Here's an example of the Carbon-Fiber Monocoque in McLaren F1:
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