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Along with the performance parts I'm looking into buying for my 1999 "American Edition" Camry, I would like to buy a carbon fiber hood and trunk. I would like to know:
1) If there are other hoods available other than the OEM. (Links to sites?)
2) As far as mounting hardware goes, I know that you have to use hood pins to hold it down, how do you mount those and how do they work?
3) And do the hoods come set up for the old school bar support or can you not even use one? I know that the newer camrys have the gas struts that push it up and into place, my car is on the border line of the change over as far as I can tell, and it still has the old single bar support up on the front.
4) Do all carbon fiber hoods / trunks use the OEM mounting points and have the appropriate parts on themselves or do you have to ghetto drill and mount all over the place for installation.

Thanks abunch.

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1) ebay
2) wrong. and if you dont know how these work :O
3) manufacturers try their best to make it an oem fit and finish.
4) holes are usually predrilled, latch is usually pre fit. you have the mounting hardware already on your car.
5) search.
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