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Carbon fiber wrap front lower lip and folding side mirrors

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New project(updated): Custom carbon fiber wrap Se lip kit

Since I already black roof my Camry with the black rims, decide to start my new project, hope TA enjoy
Here are some first new shoots of the carbon fiber wrap the front lip and both side folding mirrors ( saved something on paiting)

try to finish the rest with clear coat apply, will show off my carbon fiber camry soon
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I like the mirrors, but the lip looks out of place. Nonetheless, looks like a good job.
Fits perfectly with the wheels...........
I'm going to have to agree with mingming. In that 2nd to last pic of yours, makes it look like your lip is just primered or something. But good job wrapping it if you did it yourself.
if your car was Gray color!!!!! but i like the mirrows wrap.
They did a great job with the wrap although I think the carbon fiber color doesn't seem to fit the color of your car quite right. But if you like it, that's all that matters!
I love black and green, I just ordered some more meterial to complete my side skirt and rear lip
Who makes a carbon fiber lip kit? Thats some nice mods you got there.
I'd clear over the vinyl, it looks way to dull.
Just wondering Vken,you from San Jose?
if you could, i would wrapp the whole car

i saw an is250 the other day wrapped all around in carbon fiber, with a real carbon fiber hood and trunk

looked very legit
drop some clear on the cf wrap and should look so much better.
drop some clear on the cf wrap and should look so much better.
Just waiting till I complete the all set then I will put clear coat on those, my body shop said it's possible to do it, I will updated my thread, hope it would look nice and real
The wrap job looks very well done. However, it ruins the look of the car. The mirrors look good though.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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