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CarDAQ-Plus - PassThru J2534 Vehicle Reflash Hardware

CarDAQ-Plus, Compatible with TIS, TIS2WEB, WEBFLASH, Toyota Techstream lite & more

The CarDAQ-Plus is the ultimate interface for communicating with newer automobiles, heavy duty trucks, and CAN networks. It has both Ethernet and USB connectivity to a PC, a built-in operating system for running internal programs, protocol support for all modern vehicles, and six analog inputs. No other J2534 tool on the market has the performance and capabilities of the CarDAQ-Plus. It is upgradeable thru firmware updates and expansion slots. The CarDAQ family is the most talked-about J2534 interface out there.

J2534-1 Reflashing Applications for Independent Repair Shops
Servicing newer, more increasingly complicated vehicles has put independent repair shops at a disadvantage against auto dealerships that have access to the latest service tools and knowledge databases. Accurately diagnosing and repairing many of these newer vehicles used to require full access to expensive factory service tools. The EPA recognized the independent repair shop’s need for access and mandated that all OEMs comply with the SAE standard J2534-1. The SAE J2534-1 standard defines a uniform hardware device, like the Drew Technologies CarDAQ-Plus, that all automakers must support with their vehicle reflashing applications.

CarDAQ-Plus runs it's own operating system, embedded Linux, which allows it to be used as a standalone tool without a PC attached during operation. The Linux installation includes a file and web server which could simplify development of remote diagnostics and management applications. Imagine writing your own C/C++ application to perform an on-road test, then use 802.11 WiFi to wirelessly download a vehicle's data as soon as it re-enters the repair facility. Your program could access GPS compact flash card to capture location information about the test-drive, or use a cellular modem and download telemetry from live tests! For standalone applications, this provides the features of a PC host and a PassThru device all in one package

Linux-SDK™ - Many Drew Technologies products feature embedded Linux. So our customers can get the most out of this flexible platform, Drew Technologies is now offering this application development kit. This kit will help developers write application software more quickly that can be compiled and run on AVIT, CarDAQ-Plus, ScanDAQ, and DashDAQ.

Customers Uses for the CarDAQ-plus

* J2534 Independent Repair Facility tool
* Bench top ECU reprogramming
* In-Vehicle ECU reprogramming
* Diagnostics using 3rd party applications *
* In-vehicle pass-thru data logging
* Standalone data logging or monitoring
* Fleet or public transportation data acquisition
* OEM Engineering
* OEM calibration reprogramming
* End-of-Line testing
* Dealer Service Tools
* 3rd party integrated solutions
* Specialized Customers

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