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Carpetted floor mat colour

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Well, after 8 weeks of waiting, I finally got my 09 HL Sport. :thumbsup:

So far, really good. I spent hours last night and this morning stripping the dealer wax, claying (it had rail dust particles embedded in tops of doors), paint cleaner and swirl remover, then top off with 2 coats of polish. Did the wheels as well. Amazing!! Will get some pics up soon.

Anyway, I notice that my carpeted floor mats are more of a gray colour than a dark black. They definitely don't match the floor carpet. Is this correct, or did someone screw up somewhere?

All other HL owners with Black leather your carpeted mats match your floor carpet?


EDIT: here's a pic:

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Well, after 8 weeks of waiting, I finally got my 09 HL Sport. :thumbsup:
Congratulations! Enjoy the new car buzz....:cool: And not meaning to push, but if you feel motivated and have the time down the road by all means post some photos of the new beauty to the Highlander picture sticky.

I have a sport too and my mats don't match either.. They are very plush though..
Your mats appear to be the same color as the mats I have in my ash leather interior. I would inquire at your dealer about the proper color. Good luck!
Thanks everyone. I will confirm with my dealer. Will likely go the Weathertech tray route eventually.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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