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Not all finished yet.. display not molded in, powerbook's in for repairs right now.. etc etc. But it's getting there :)

Powerbook g4 550 mhz
Xenarc 700TSV
Soundsystem. mmm
N64 and SNES also hooked in.

The webpage, with ALL the picts and step by step, is here:

But here are some picts for you guys:

Now onto the sound system;

Alpine Type S components in the front,
Type S coaxials in the back
Alpine9803 head unit using aux in for the carputer/video games
Rockford Fosgate Mono Amp 300Wx2 powering my 2 JL W3v2 subs.
Dynamatted the #&#@*( outta everything of course :)

The neons are pretty cool too, I'm proud of them.
Just regular 9 inch neons under dash under seat, but they're wired into an OPTX controller- which instead of the crappy in unit mic it uses by default, I ripped it out and added RCA ins- now it's taking a sound feed directly from the sound system. The result; neon ONLY on bass beats, neons during gunfire in goldeneye :)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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