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cat back exhaust

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okay so i found a guy selling his cat back exhaust for the gen 5 camry. he said the pipes are 2.5 and the exhaust it self is a universal apex i n1 in black chrome. but he had the 4 cyl camry and mines is a v6. he said it would bolt on just fine but i just want to double check that info with you guys.
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i'm pretty sure it will, because all the Gen 5's are single exhaust.
Do the headers come down the same though?...or at the same angle and the same side of the engine?
you could get that part made custome but the cat convert one back will fit fine.
I'm personally not a fan of the Apexi N1 exhaust because it's too loud and ricey for my taste, I prefer the WSII exhaust from Apexi.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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