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Catback Exhaust or Sport Muffler (05)

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Hey everyone,

This is my first post after being a lurker for awhile haha. Anyways, I have a question about exhausts. I am looking at TRD's Catback Exhaust system or the Sport Muffler system. I have never modded my car (this is my first car) but I am getting interested in doing a few this year. I don't know what difference there is between these two systems (if there is any). I will be heading up north this fall for school and I have heard different things on whether or not I should even get a new system at all because of the cold weather and snow. What do you guys think about this? Should I consider other systems or not get one at all?

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The TRD is nice, it's only an axle back though. And it's expensive...You could go custom and get a nice sounding exhaust, nicer than the TRD (this is coming from someone that has every TRD part available for the Gen 5, except for 3 things that i will be getting soon).

look for a custom exhaust shop in your area, or go to a muffler shop.
^^^^true. it's expensive.
thought about buying it myself.
you could find a way! better setup
and save yourself alotta money.
go custom.
The catback exhaust is all of the exhaust system from after the cat underneath your car. The regular sport muffler is just an axleback that replaces that last section of the exhaust system.

So the catback is two pieces, replacing the muffler itself as well as the other piece that connects to the cat, which includes a resonator.

A catback system would yield more power, and be more expensive. The resonator may be a more high flo resonator, which would help in a bit more power. Noise may be slightly increased with the catback versus an identical axleback.
i had the TRD on my old camry and it sounded a killer deal on it tho so the cost wasnt an issue for me
Thanks for the responses guys. Unfortunetly I don't have any real shops where I live and I don't have a heck of alot of cash, although I did find the catback and sport muffler each for 400. Is that cheap or expensive? I also read that the sport muffler gives you more hp, is that true? I also have one more question. Do you recommend any wheels (all 4, 17" or 18") for 600 or under? I have limited cash and I'm planning on getting new wheels as well as the exhaust.
You'll pay around 600 for a full catback custom exhaust. That's what i was quoted at the time anyway. I just opted for the muffler, finishing the rest later

For wheels go 18's check for great options and prices.
what is this catback muffler that you speak of? to my knowledge, the only muffler made for the gen5-5.5 is the trd...and its an a link for the catback
wheel under 600 will be tough since tire is about that price already, try looking for a used set.
Scamry here is the catback:
and here is the sport muffler:

They are also on other sites, I just know that the dealers near me have them/can get them.
I'll start off by saying none of what I can say is %100 (more or less just personal exp.). But, I suspect TRD parts are very conservative compared to other systems. If the axel back unit is a bolt on then there's no diameter change in pipe. so your looking at a less restrictive muffler yielding any power gains you have heard of. If you want a slightly aggressive sounding exhaust Midas can sew on a new muffler. If you want a little (maybe very little) increase in gitty up you want a cat back. You do not want a huge pipe I think 3" would maybe be too much but. The Idea is the more air flow in and out of your motor the more power you can make. a good 2.5 inch pipe from your cat -out should give you a little more performance.
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