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Throwing these up here before I put them on E-bay.
Both are exteral drives.
I have a Sony DVD burner w/ software. Bought it for $220.00.
I also have a Iomega CD burner in it's original box w/ everything it cam ewith. Bought it for $160.00.

I just bought a new computer and need to make room in the house and they are colllecting dust.
Willing to let go of the Sony for $50.00 OBO and the Iomega for $30.00 OBO.

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i agree.. i think i can get the dvd burner for 39 and the cd burner for less than 20
i think i just saw a dvd burner for 39 with a 10 mail in rebate different brand but still does the job

REN69 said:
Dude, you can get them new for less than that now, good luck though.
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