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Every Gen3/4 *stock* headunit has a cassette and CD. There is no stock Gen3/4 Camry din or double din that has a CD only. The Gen8 Corolla LE models w/ optional CD was a CD only single din.

You might be better off upgrading to an aftermarket one. Depending on how your car is setup, you may or may not have an factory amp.

Recently I found out that the 6-speaker setup in Gen4 Camry (not 100% sure what years) does not give a clear indication if it has a factory amp or not.
-Many 6-speaker Camry setup in the 00-01 have the double din radio without factory external amp.
-The JBL (LE optional, XLE standard) models from 00-01 have the logo on the speaker grills (JBL). These models will have an external amp behind the glove compartment as well as a 1 plug to the radio

-4 speaker setup (no tweeters) is no external amp. Uses build in headunit amp
-6 Speaker setup *not confirmed 100%* could possible include a toyota external amp. I'm quite positive this is for the 97-98, but not sure for the 99 as some one reported having JBL in the 1999 Camry. AFAIK and as far as I have observed in the junkyard, I have not seen a 1999 Camry JBL model yet. HOWEVER, AFAIK the JBL + Toyota partnership started somewhere in 1999 -/+ a year. Again, best way is to look behind the glove compartment or check behind the factory radio. JBL models will use 2ohm speaker rated 15/20watts. Toyota premium will use I believe 4ohm rated the same wattage as well.

Picture of my 1998 Camry LE V6 w/ premium audio 6 spk setup

Picture of a 2000 Camry LE V6 w/ JBL audio 6 spk setup

Depending which one you have will determind the radio harness.

No amp (or by-pass factory amp by disconnecting the amp plugs), use

Intergrating factory amp , use

EDIT: Forgot the original question...

If you do want to grab a Corolla 8th Gen (1999-2002) single din CD only, the Corolla only had the option to use the head unit amp and no external. If you do this route, it should be a direct swap (plug and play). For Camry w/ the external TOYOTA or JBL Amp, you can unplug the amp by-pass plugs and plug directly into the head unit.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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