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CD player loaded with 6 discs and will not eject any

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I have a 2005 Avalon Touring edition and the CD player appears to have developed a problem. When I press "all eject" it just makes a whirring noise and cannot eject the discs. When I select a specific disc it whirs again and again until "error code 3" comes on. I know this means eject and clean the disc but that is just the problem - the discs wont eject either individually or all eject.

The dealer says it may need to be replaced at $500 ! As the vehicle is just out of warranty this is heartbreaking news. Any suggestions anyone? Thanks
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Have you tried disconnecting the battery nagative cable for ~5 minutes to see if a forced reset helps?
This a last-resort measure that doesn't often work, but worth a try if the alternative is a $500 replacement.

Once the battery has been disconnected, you will have to re-initialize the power driver and passenger windows, as well as the sunroof, before the "one-touch-auto functions will work.
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