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Hello Everyone im a MR2 guy but came across a great deal on a 94 camry 5 speed coupe
I have one Question I purchased a good complete Celica 93 3sgte swap off craigslist and got everything including the front shafts here is the big question I didnt want to let the 4wd transmission go to waste as the s54 is nice but I was planning on running about 260 H.p. I know the s54 can handle around 300 in fwd but I wanted to know if the alltrac transmissin can be made 2wd I see the tailshaft and wanted to know if I can make a plate and seal it off ,Has anyone tried this ? I dont see a problem just wanted someones opinion the Old 5sfe is out already and the 3sgte is just getting prepped and waiting for a nice stage 3 clutch and flywheel pictures will come soon let me know what you think im on vacation next week so thats when I plan on dropping in the 3s
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