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Celica engine swap Q's

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I have a 1979 toyota celica gt. I found the engines that can fit in my car: 4A-GZE, 18R-GEU, 3T-GTE, 1G-GTE, 7M-GTE, 2JZ-GTE, 3S-GTE, 1UZ-FE. I wanted to know if anyone knows what engine can fit with the least amount of modifacation.
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Depends what you want...

The 4AG is too small IMO, the 18RG is quite rare, the 3TG is also quite rare, 1ggte/2jz/1uzfe are all quite difficult involving quite a bit of wire work... and the 3SGTE will be very very difficult to mount up because they all come in transverse set-ups only (plus has a lot of wiring). Basically, just about anything EFI would be quite difficult to do...

I'd personally go with the 3TC. With a bit of build-up, those engines can make a lot of power/torque and they are bulletproof...

Other mentionables... 20/22R hybrids will probably be the easiest... and they do make good torque/power also...
well i have a 20R, but what and how would I build up the engine??? Its carbed..
oldskoolceli said:
well i have a 20R, but what and how would I build up the engine??? Its carbed..
Carb is perfectly fine for making a lot of power. You can make great gains with some side-drafts and a bit of tuning. The 20/22R hybrid motors are pretty cool and make a bit of power... and money-wise, they're not all that difficult or expensive to do. With some headwork, a 20R head on a 22R block can make for some very nice gains.

Click here for more 20/22R hybrid info...
which one of these would be best for a build up.... Intake Manifolds

Both the 20R and 22R Down Draft Intake Manifolds have a large open plenum that provides power gains at all rpm’s with good torque. Excellent for use with Weber 32/36 (page 28) or 38mm Carbs (page 29). Custom adapters are available to match this manifold with the Holley 500 or 350 Carbs for circle track and off-road applications.

20R Down Draft Intake Manifold
22R Down Draft Intake Manifold
Offenhauser Water Plate Part# 16-9920R
Part# 16-9922R
Part# 16-9922RP


Holley 4 Barrel 20 R Large Plenum Manifold

Out from the archives, Holley 4 Barrel 20R large plenum manifolds. Adapt this to the 350 or 500 2 Barrel Carburetor. Excellent circle track application. These manifolds are designed to work with circle track, off-road and performance street applications. To get these custom designed manifolds off our shelves and onto your engines, we're going to practically give them to you at only $150.00 each.
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