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Celica exhaust header on a camry?

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Ok I've got a question. I've got a 92 2.2 camry with over 260k miles on it and I've just recently been trying to restore the hp it's slowly been losing over the years. I've been thinking about replacing the exhaust manifold altogether with a new one, and I was looking at one on ebay but I wanted to upgrade to something with a little bit more kick if u know what i mean. I was comparing the manifold of a 2.2 celica gt to mine, and it looks like it would bolt on directly. So has anyone done this? And will the hp increase and the work be worth it? Here's the links to ebay:

This is the mainfold for a 2.2 92-93 camry

And here's the link for the celica mainfold.
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Personally, if I had a car with that many miles, I would run it stock until it dies. From the looks of that header, a 4-1 design does not seem like it would be a huge improvement over the stock manifold. As for fitment, you will most likely have to run a custom downpipe for the celica headers. From my experience with other headers, such as the Rippmods headers(a 4-2-1 design), the power increase is noticeable, but is by no means night and day. You may also run into a CEL like I have and a few other members by replacing the stock manifold.
DONT DO IT! dont waist your money like i did. ive gotten those... heres what you run into with a gen 3 camry... you will bolt it up, it bolts up fine, dont worry, but when you goto connect it to the down pipe. you find the header is too long... AND it goes down and to the left into an engine mount!!! in a celica, the down pipe is lower down, and theres no engine mount.

for a camry, the header has to come out and down, and a lil to the right, and be really short, or get a new down pipe with flex pipe. hope that helps..

mine is sitting at a friends house cut in half waiting to be rewelded so i can help install on a friends celica gt
and plus they want too much for that, ive seen better for like the price of 40$ i paid for mine.
shoot, well I guess it's back to just buying a new stock manifold. Thanx 4 telling me I never even would have though about that until it was too late.
I highly doubt your car has lost any power. A header will do nothing for a 5s-fe anyway, try a complete tuneup instead :)
im actually currious if a gen 4 header would fit a gen 3 camry
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