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FYI you have 1995 Celicas with 130-150,000 km going for about $7000 on that should give you a better idea of what your car is worth with the km's you have on it. Trust me, I've been looking for 94-99 Celicas on

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You're right, I'm too high, I put down at 8000$cdn.
I think a gt-s is worth more than an st, and a manual more than auto, even if it is the opposite when you buy brand new.
I've been on trader, in Quebec, there's one at 8995$, gt-s ? not sure.
In Alberta, it's between 10000 and 18000, gts and st., less milleage, sure...
In BC, between 11,000 and 16000.
In Ontario, between 6000 and 12000, gt-s. Almost all automatics..

I think i'm in at 8000$. There are not much of those to sell around here and it is manual and in mint condition. Milleage is nothing on a toyota ! 9000$ is too much, I give it to you ;)
The head gasket/timing strap/valve seals have been changed on mine at 180000km, valve checked, is my engine in worst condition than the one that have run 150 000km never opened ??
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