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This sucks ass man.. Toyota decided to kill off Celica and MR2 from the lineup. Apparently sales have not been Toyota-like.. Profit is more important than history though? The Celica is a great machine. I love the 3S-GTE Celica.. I owned the '86 Celica GT-S. I mean, it was reliable like.. like.. A TOYOTA:D In anycase, thoughts people.. I wanna hear 'em...

R.I.P.. Celica......

P.S. If they can put a car that's a worthy replacement, I won't feel that bad.. But, I'd love it if ten years from now, they bring out the Celica again or make a special "Anniversary" or "Limited Edition" deal...

P.S.S. This was announced.. I think.. Roughly.. A week and a half ago....
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