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Celica Newbie

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Me: Bob V
Mine: 1990 Toyota Celica GTS
Mods:planning to do some modifications to the car, but not sure yet, but for now just a little changes to the interior. If you have any ideas, Im open to them...

Tell me what you think...


Here's my 1990 Toyota Celica GTS:

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nice celica man, looks like its in mint condition.the shift knob/boot adds a nice touch
Welcome to TN Bob.

Very clean ride, inside and out. For you next mod, consider lower the car.

Come out to the meet on the 14th and chill. DETAILS
Sweet looking Celi! Paint looks nice. Glad to see there isn't a rice can on the back.

That's always been my favorite Gen.

Welcome to TN:)
Gorgeous Celica! Welcome. :)
thanks for the positive replies and welcoming me with open arms ;)
nice car...i love the old celies...a 3sgte swap would be a good thing to do as your first mod
ooo... how I miss my '90 all trac. WELCOME to TN! :thumbup: :cool:
Very clean! Welcome to TN!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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