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Hi guys. I thought I was already a member here but I guess not, so here's my intro. I have a 1996 Toyota Celica GT-S that has served me well for the past 7 years. I've been a member of for 7 years as well (for anyone recognizing the username). We just had a baby, and the Celica won't cut it for my family anymore,so I'm getting it ready to sell, and I might be selling some of the Celica-specific parts online soon.
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So did you join up just to sell it? (Doesn't matter to me. I'm just living up to your user name. :D :lol: ).


Are you replacing it with something else?

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I did join up to potentially offer up some parts that I have for sale (still I thought I had an account but none of my emails seemed to work. Oh well!). Not sure I want to put the car up on the site though. In the meantime I figure I can lurch around in the Celica section and try to help out if I can.

I did replace it with a 2009 Santa Fe Limited. Somewhat worse on gas, but way, WAY more practical, plus I got a great deal. :thumbsup:
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