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I was just wondering what you guys thought I might be able to do to improve my celicas performance. I was looking at the TRD stuff but all they really have is exhaust and CAI. I like the racing exhaust they have maybe if I took that and added an aftermarket muffler to it do you think it'd give me more HP than the standard performance exhaust they have? I can't see how that wavy pattern with the muffler is bowing out in the middle is helpful for flow.. or would a Greddy stainless exhaust be better? also who makes good headers and cats. I was looking for turbos/superchargers for my car and could only find one from blitz, I'm also concerned about the compression ratio being 11.5:1 on my car would I need to get lower compression pistons to safely run a boost? and if so do you guys know if i would really get that much more power using a supercharger or turbo if I had to go down to lower compression pistons. also what's a good ecu upgrade is the trd piggy back a good one? I don't know about piggy back systems I think reflash and plug in tuners or ecu replacement seems more solid than putting a little thingy in between your computer that lies to it about sensor readings. haven't found any plug in reflash tuners out there for the celicas though..
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