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Celica wheels fit on Camry?

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Will the wheels of a 2002 Celica fit on a 2006 Camry? Saw some on Craig's List, 16" x 7" OEM Celica wheels. Too good to pass up. Any help/info will be greatly appreciated!

some pics...

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Nope different lug pattern..i believe the Celi's are 5x100 and we're 5 x 114.3
Those aren't Celica wheels.... are they?

They look like Corolla alloy wheels from the last generation. (Although the Corolla wheels are 15x6) They also kinda look like the Avalon XL rims from 2000-2004.

These are the Celica wheels from 2002:

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Either way neither will fit.
yea those are corolla rims. and celica rims wont fit anyways.
darn! thnx 4 the info, peoples. saved me some cash.
one would expect those to have the same BP...

guess not
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