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I'll make this quick and simple. I need money for school. I'm forced to sell all my phones except for my v400. everything is a must go! These are all nokia's

3390= 24 hours lifetimer, comes with phone, mismatching faceplate, headset and battery. when i say mismatching it means the front cover is a brand new blue OEM on while the back is the gold one with scuffs. Phone is unlocked $15

8390= Silver 8910i faceplate, phone, battery, headset, comes with also a worn blue OEM roger branded back faceplate. phone is unlocked 35$

3650= Everything that came with the phone. Box and everything 16mb MMC, charger, battery, headset, phone is unlocked, phone was never droped on the ground but 2 drops in the car on to the carpet. Overall rating is 8.5 out 10. 150$

6200= Att unlocked, box and everything. phone is 8.5/ 10 as well. phone, battery, charger, 2 extra faceplates, smoke and clear both are cracked but still will work great. faceplates are crack cause of cheap aftermarket vendor. Also has a holster. 95$

all phones are unlocked and come with things state above. If i'm able to find the remaining chargers will throw them all in. all phones were used by my randomly on days. None of the phones are broke in any way form. Shipping is how much it cost me plus a couple bucks for packaging. I have pictures or will take any pictures of anything about the phone you want. I just need the money for school. I came up short on quarterly payments for school about 700$ worth. please dont lowball, if my prices are a little too high give me reasons why and maybe we can work something out. normally i would put all of these up on ebay but i've been getting crap from buyers lately with non payments. i need to sell these phones ASAP. before aug. 15 and get the money in my hands before the 20th so i can pay my school. thanks
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