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center console light

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Is there suppose to a light that lights up on the automatic shift console? If yoy understand want on mean. I a gen 4
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Yes, there is one bulb there. i believe is either 194 or 74.
just take the cover off and you will see it.
Its a 194 in my solara, which shares parts with the gen 4 camry. This is how I did it...

Pull up the black surround that covers the shifter, there are 4 clips. Unplug the accessory outlet to completely remove the surround. Then unscrew the silver philips head screw at the top left corner of the shift gate. Now this gets a little tricky, you have to pop out two tough clips at each corner of the near part of the shift gate (the part facing your e-brake and center console storage etc.) I used a flathead screwdriver to get the leverage to pop the shift gate up. Once this is up you will see a wire going to a bulb socket on the bottom of the shifter. Twist this socket out and there is your bulb.

- Paul
thanks i'll try that
I wanted to change my dome light to green or something else, but when i went to get a different color bulb and I tried to install it it was a totally different bulb i needed. AUTOZONE SUX
Dude, check out
It will give you pretty much every bulb size you need in the car and yeah you can get the bulb in another color. Once again... check out ebay. Type in the bulb size in the search box
I tried to remove t he housing but couldn't get the last clip. My brother also tried but with no luck. So I'll just leave with it
Thanks Paul-Bassthrive! My center console light went out Saturday, and using your instructions was able to get it changed out in 35 minutes. The Haynes manual didn't even mention the light bulb location, much less how to change it out.
Hey when i get my gauges this week probably will do it this weekend ill definitely post up a DIY for all the peeps like me who need some help ill let you guys know how that goes
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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