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Center console removal

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Good morning gang. I just need to know where to look for pics of how to remove the gen 5 center console so I can install my FM Modulator. Thanks..:cool:
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Well if you're trying to remove the panel with the cupholders and the whole big piece around the PRND2L plate, its really quite easy. Take a flathead, and from the passenger side of the panel, towards the front of it where it ends, pry it up from the side until it comes loose and then just pull it up until the clips pop out. Keep moving up the panel and popping out clips. Then, open your arm rest, and finish popping them out. You can't take it out without lifting the armrest.
That will help. I also need the air vent casing around the stereo. Are there clip or something that I have to pry on?
For an FM modulator, you shouldn't need to open up the center console. Just the center of the front dash. To do this, you start by pulling the climate controls. I recommend using a plastic trim removal tool, but you can use a flat head screw driver to pry it out starting at either of the ends. Once that is removed, you can disconnect the wiring harnesses holding that to get it out of your way. Next pull on the piece of dash just below the vents to start popping out the clips holding that piece in. No screws holding that in. Next undo the four bolts holding the stereo in, and pull out the stereo. Unplug the antenna, and plug in your modulator and plug your antenna into the modulator. Then where you get the power for the modulator is up to you.
the one around the stereo is pretty easy too, just get a flathead screwdriver, cover the end with a cloth (so you dont scratch anything), and start prying from the bottom.
there should be 4 clips in each corner of the panel.

i made this diagram a while ago from my car :lol:
start prying at the green arrows, and the red circles are the points where the clips are ;)

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Thanks Terry for the diagram. That will help a lot. Thank again. I am so glad I job the site. It is great for the basic to the wild....
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