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center console removal

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I am trying to remove the center console (the plastic enclosure around the hand brake + the armrest compartment) on the 93camry v6, manual.

Any advice, where are the screws at?
How do I need to remove some the seats 1st, or is that unnecessary?

Thank you,

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Take the shift boot out (just snaps in), then there are 2 screws under there that hold the fron of the arm rest. In side the arm rest there are a few 10mm bolts. Take those out, and the rear arm rest part can lift out now. AS for the part infront of the shifter, there's a screw on either side of the dash. You may need to take part of the dash off to get those out. Basically, jsut look for screws/ bolts. It's pretty straight forward.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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