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center instrument cluster change in the future?

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are there any talks that toyota may change the instrument cluster to the front of the driver as opposed to the center for future versions of the yaris?
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umm, no.

(Sorry terrybollea53, I've just typed out a half-page essay explaining why the centre console in the Yaris should be in the middle, but apparently the TN's cookie system has screwed me over and all the text was losts. And I'm in no mood in retyping what I've just said for the last 15 minutes. Apologies but there's too much to say)

In brief, the centre console design satisfies 3 main criteria: costs, space, and ergonomics/safety.

I might elaborate on a later date if you really want to know and understand why. And may I ask, what's the reason/concern that make you ask such a question?

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It's perfect where it is, 20 minutes after you buy it you will be in love with the location of the speedo. I was unsure if I'd like it or not but now I wish all my cars were that way. I also think they do it that way because it's easier to change the location where the column goes depending on which country it goes to (I.E. England, North America and such). That way it saves on cost for us and the company.
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