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I may get a job in Honduras. I have the opportunity to ship my xB there as part of a relocation package. Should I do that, or sell the car and buy something there? Questions:

Were xB's ever sold in Central America or Honduras specifically?
Getting parts for an imported car in Honduras will be a headache. I read that the xB shares parts with the Echo and the Yaris. What parts? Engine? Suspension?
Were those cars sold in Honduras? Any other part exchanges?

I know this post is off the wall, but I need to start somewhere and I appreciate any help!

I'm not ready to sell the B, it's got 92k miles and I expect a lot more trouble free miles out of it. But waiting for parts to arrive from some other country, plus the duty and the 12% sales tax on imported parts, AND finding someone to fix can be a real nuisance.
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