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Chaginging VALVE SEALS

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Changinging VALVE SEALS and rough idle sometimes

Hi everyone! I'm new to these forums.

I was wondering how hard it is to change the valve seals on a 91' tercel 5spd manual DX.
I burn very little oil while driving. I only see a puff of smoke outta the tailpipe when i start the engine up again after it's rested for a good ~6 hours (ie: in the morning, after work etc.)

Other than that you can't see smoke coming out of the car when i'm driving *knock on wood*

My rear main seal was replaced back in 97' i think, so i believe that's why i've had good luck with no leaks, yet! (although i think it's time so change the pan gasket cuz i can see a very lil seepage)

Also, concerning my idle. Sometimes the car has great power and sometimes it's sluggish. I'm thinking that it's the fuel filter which i want to replace soon too. Any tips? It might be one bad injector also, because sometimes after the car has sat for a long time ~8 hours or more, i start it and it runs on 3 cylinders and then if i give it a lil gas it'll start to get going!

Thanks in advance!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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