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For the inside door handle..........
There is no screw. Is it easy to change because mine is cracking. It is the passenger front door. I don't wanna have to use a screw driver trying to pop it and break it more.

I saw a 3.5 in the junkyard and its door handle was cracked at the same spot. Is it common for 3/3.5s ? It is the "mobile part" in the handle and its cracked where it gets screwed in or where it turns. The spring inside is showing.

May be I should take it to a body shop.
Thanks for all you knowledge........ :help:

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The plastic around the handle 'pops' off with a flat blade but it's a bit of a pain. You can then get to the bolt/screw which holds the other piece in. There's a rod which is easy to disconnect and then reverse the procedure. If you can practice on a salvage car it will help. Think the cover pops out from the top and front first. Good luck.
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