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Just in case there are some "noobs" out there, and I was bored and took some pictures :lol:

First the air filter. Toyota part number 17801-0S010. Pop the hood, remove the four clips, remove filter, put new one in, re-clip, done.

New one:

Old one:

Cabin Air Filter:

Toyota part number 87139-YZZ08



Open glove box all the way, push each side of glove box in to push the stops in, now the glove box will open more. Unclip cable, its on the right side. There is a cover that says "UP" on it, unclip both sides and pull out old filter and replace with new one. Replace cover, re clip cable, push glove box back in, done.



Old filter, might have a rodent somewhere :eek:

Hard to believe both of these filter almost cost the same. Thanks to Brian at ToyotaPartsExpress. Great price, even with the shipping the price was considerably less than my local dealer.


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I don't know how much the cabin filter cost if purchased from a dealership, but i just got one from Advance Auto Parts for 11.99. It was the same exact thing. Just FYI for those out there that need to replace theirs........

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Great thread and pics, man. I bought a Tundra yesterday and made them give me a cabin filter before I left. They moaned about how they didn't have time to do change it themselves. So, I did it in the parking lot in about 63 seconds because I remembered your post.
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