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changing air filter on gen3 5SFE

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hey all,

my air filter needs to be changed, and the question of best replacement comes to mind again...

3 options:
stock one,
k&n inlay,
custom cai

cheapest solution is no doubt to get another paper filter...
but it would be nice to gain a bit performance, right ?

so, k&n inlay filter is pretty easy to come by and easy to install
custom cai, is harder to make but should give better results ?

what is the best choice ?
my car is completely stock now, i might be changing the muffler one day (don't know if this is relevant ?)

also, i read a CAI makes you lose low RPM torque, why's that?
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i say k&n.
arcasmachineracing said:
I say get my CAI. :thumbup:
Ships to: United States, North America

no can do then :)
Well, if you really wanna pay for the shipping then I guess I could send it over! :p:
lol, nm but thanks anyways
a custom Cai would be nice though.. :thumbup: but still gains aren't as much..

K&N....seeing as it last pretty much the life of the car if you take care of it

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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