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What do the terms of the lease explicitly state in terms of maintenance?
"ensure that all maintenance...are performed when needed , but at least as often as the manufacturer recommends...
You agree to keep a record of all maintenance".

That implies I need to have the air filter installed and get a receipt for it.
It doesn't explicitly say I can't buy the part and do it myself.

My opinion is if it was necessary to have done at the dealer then they either screwed up or it isn't important.

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Buy the airfilter and install it yourself.–Moss_Warranty_Act

No warrantor may condition the continued validity of a warranty on the use of only authorized repair service and/or authorized replacement parts for non-warranty service and maintenance. For example, provisions such as, "This warranty is void if service is performed by anyone other than an authorized 'ABC' dealer and all replacement parts must be genuine 'ABC' parts," and the like, are prohibited where the service or parts are not covered by the warranty. These provisions violate the Act in two ways. First, they violate the section 102(c) ban against tying arrangements. Second, such provisions are deceptive under section 110 of the Act, because a warrantor cannot, as a matter of law, avoid liability under a written warranty where a defect is unrelated to the use by a consumer of "unauthorized" articles or service. This does not preclude a warrantor from expressly excluding liability for defects or damage caused by such "unauthorized" articles or service; nor does it preclude the warrantor from denying liability where the warrantor can demonstrate that the defect or damage was so caused.
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