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Newbie here. I just successfully changed out the water pump on my 88 toy pu. Went well, but now I can not figure out how the alt belt goes on. The alternator belt was broken when the pump failed so I did not see how it goes on. I can not find a belt diagram for the life of me. I have looked on auto zone, the link to that auto site darcy reccomended, googled to my eyes are going to fall out. Some one help me puleeeze. :headbang:


I know it goes on the fan pulley, crank shaft pulley & alt pulley. My problem is even with the alt all the way in I can not get the belt on. It seems like it is too short. It shouldn't be that hard to get on should it? Do I have the wrong belt? I feel so stupid. Dang.

Please help so I can get this thing back together.

Thank you.
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