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Changing brake rotors. Guides? Considerations?

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Hey everyone,
Just looking for some information about changing the brake rotors on a 2008 LE

I changed my brake pads this weekend and discovered that my rotors should be changed.
I dont have any quarrels doing this, as changing the pads was really easy.

Am I correct in assuming that all that is required to remove the rotors is the removal of calliper from the rotor?

As far as how to take the rotor off of the axel(not sure if its the axel.....whatever the wheel mounts too),
the two methods I've found so far are either using a two by four and hammering from behind or by inserting bolts into the smaller bolt holes(not sure if present on my car) on the rotor and screw them in until they force the rotor off(this is my preferred method if possible).
Are there other methods?

Any comments are appreciated.


I can't find any very good guides or videos on how to change the rotors specifically, so if you know of any id really appreciate you sharing.
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Does anyone know the torque specs on the caliper brackets? the bolts that hold the caliper in place?

I think it's like 79 ft. LBS.
FSM says 79 Ft. Lbs for caliper mounting bracket bolts.
Cool, thanks guys, Just to be clear the steering knuckle bolts (or caliper mounting bracket bolts) are the 2 behind the hub correct?

I had my original rotors up to 260k. I replaced mind with ones from the dealer.
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