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Changing Struts

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Me and my dad changed my rear struts yesterday on my '93 LE. To my surprise it was real easy no probs at all. Hardest part was taking of the springs of the struts. While I had the struts off I just went ahead and sprayed my wheel well black since some parts was starting to rust.
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dang i changed all 4 struts on my gen2 and it took almost a whole day mostly cause i didn't have a spring compressor for the front spings
good to hear that its easy...i gotta do that this weekend
yeah its real easy on gen3. took me a while cuz i had a manual spring compressor ...oh and the hex screw on the rear link stabilizer stripped:thumbdown

prnc_chrmng - hope you're changing the mounts too. i didnt and that was a mistake.
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