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interior light diy

as you all know i've been changing the interior of my car in cluding the lights.

the master window switch lights are leds and can only be changed if you solder them. unfortunately when i too it appart i noticed there was alot of black powder around the contacts . so i cleaned them it helped my windows go up and down alot faster. but the driver switch will not raise the window and i've yet to figure out why.

as for the a/c and defrost switch there is no green condomn and you have sand down the inside of the cap. i'm not entirely sure i had no time to do it:(

and for those of you who have the glow gauges that have writing for the info lights instead of transparent openings. sand down the warning lights with 320grit sand paper so it can shine through better i did it and it looks very nice.

the shift indicator has a green plate behind the plexiglass if you remove it the lights shine through even better.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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