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Hi all. First post here. I've made great use of the collective knowledge base for a while now, but my research is coming up short on this latest problem.

I'm trying to help my dad change the head unit in his 2006 Tundra. We've been Googling for solutions, calling Toyota so-called Audio Specialists, and Metra customer support. His original unit is a Panasonic 86120-0C150; it has a 20-pin, a 6-pin, & another 20-pin connector. He would prefer to keep the amp, a Panasonic 86280-0C061; it has a 12-pin & a 24-pin connector. We're using the Metra 70-8113 wiring harness. We're trying to install the Pioneer MVH-1400NEX.

If anyone has any tips I'd greatly appreciate any help. I'd really like to get pin diagrams or wiring diagrams for the original set-up. I think at least part of the problem is the power relay not being signaled. But I also think there's a problem with the audio signal not going where it's supposed to.

Thanks in advanced folks!


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