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Hi all,
i'm having a problem with the charging(idiot) light coming on at times and cant seem to find out why. I've done quite a bit of trouble shooting, heres a few:

replaced the alternator with this one :More Information for REMY 14153

wires in plug going into Alt. was corroded but since been fixed

replaced the OEM coil w/ external ballast to just a regular NHK internal ballast( didnt matter before this was done)

grounds (-)seem to be ok

changed out the voltage regulator at least twice

light comes on only when engine is off, key is in the "off" position( and yes it stays on when key is removed)

the remedy i found to get it to go off is:
to turn key in the on/off/on/off position and it will go off (sometimes)
disconnect the plug from the voltage regulator ( it will go off at this time) and then after a while plug it back in and it will stay off

Could it be the ignition switch itself? again this happens every so often. Are there any known problems with this coming on? there are a few more trouble shooting things i've done but those above are the most common/recent.

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