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i have an 04 taco v6 4wd, yesterday i was driving around and out of no where my radio cut out, clock dimmed, windows slow to roll up or down, reading of rpm clicked with the blinker until it cut out, full throttle would choke up engine, and some other random things. when i got home i shut the truck off and few minutes later tried to start the truck, all i got was a clicking noise and not even really a turn over, but no start. also battery light came on without warning and also the abs light came on. i have an obd2 but did not have time to test, i was planning on it today. i had the feeling it was the alternator over the battery but friends are insisting it could be just a connection or the battery. any advice? thank you

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I would first check your battery cable connections to the battery, pull the terminals, clean, tighten, etc..
if the batt. light doesn't go on it means the alt. is still working OK, that's at least the first interpretation.

A loose cable will cause all you described, check that first.


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A lose ground connection would do that too. Check the multiple grounds on the engine block (on my 3.4L there's a bunch of wires grounded on the intake manifold and I forgot to tighten the bolt one time and I had the same problems).
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