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Charity meet - 3/21

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I don't really expect any norcal camry folks to come out - we're pretty sorry.. sooo here's my shot at FAIL. Feel free to make ur own model list!

---------[ camry/solara list! ]----------
1.) onetohate (1999 Camry)
2.) onetolove (2002 Camry)
3.) trdkamuri510 (1997 camry)
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What time does this happen? And what are we donating?
postponed due to weather. thread lock please.
It is gettin postponed to April 18, I was actually excited to go and see, if the event was good I would of chipped in $5-$20, any amount is fine in a donation it is better than 0, that's my take on charity.
Its official the meet is gonna happen this saturday april 11
Anyone else going to this? I'm planning to go, but with my Scion.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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