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Charlotte, NC Krispy Kreme Meet! - Undecided Date

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Alright judging from the response to Hot Import Nights there are some Toyota owners around these parts. So lets have a Krispy Kreme meet! I stated in the HIN thread that I could probably get us some space in the parking lot and the first two dozen donuts on me! So if we got some interest in this town for import cars and tuning lets make a scene of it :). Well...a small scene know cops around here...

Anyway those of you who are interested, post your thoughts on it because I could probably get it together!
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Don't cops hang out there?
Not really, not the one on Woodlawn. Every time I go by there (which is a lot since I work right down the street) I never see a cop there. Even if they did as long as we had permission to use the lot by Krispy Kreme they shouldn't care. We aren't doing anything illegal except meeting, and we aren't loitering if we have permission.

I wouldn't be worried about it, I just thought it would be neat. I mean c'mon free donuts. If we couldn't stay there we could at least get free donuts and convoy somewhere else.
The one on Independence next to IHOP ??

Oh yeah c ya at HIN. Look for the extremely stock looking Cam.
Hey stock or non-stock who cares, still fun!

Nah not the one on Independence next to IHOP. This one is on Woodlawn right up the street from South Blvd.
Dude that show sucked ass!! No skylines or anything. Just a bunch of ppl with stock cars with CD players and body kits.:mad:
Haha yea, but the girls were nice :).

The cars were still nice, nice detail work on most of them.
Show wasnt bad for Charlottes first run. They need to have the "street" class as well as all the others. Most of ther cars like mine fit in that better than the mild,wild and extreme.

The Blaupunkt "Cavalier Z24" won the first annual Charlotte HIN. This car is in all the recenet magazine ads for Blaupunkt.

Most people around here actually drive their cars and show them once in a while.
So what about this meet at KK? Anyone interested in giving it a shot, or should the idea just be canned? I am interested in meeting some car enthusiasts in general myself because they just seem far and few between around here.

- Evan
^so you did end up going to HIN? i would have, but im broke and had to work saturday night till 11pm...go figure.

Im all up for some Krispy Kream though. A friend of mine with an MR2 would probably want to come too.
Cool I wouldn't limit it to Camry's only, any Toyota owner (even stock) would be welcome. I didn't go to HIN, but this guy came in my store with all these pictures that made me wish I had been there. Like, 200 pictures. A lot of phat cars there I would have gawked at I'm sure.

Well, if we can get some more people interested and like finalize it. Then I will go get a date set with them when we can use the lot and get some donuts!
I wouldnt mind the drive to Charlotte if you got a meet going. Get me the info and I will be more than happy to add another Toyota to the list. ALternatively, I am organizing monthly meets in Raleigh if your not aware by now. Please check out my strings and site.

any updates?
If your referring to my meet, no..only that Im gathering some people from around the way to ride to Maryland this weekend for Race Wars and the Tercel Meet in Hanover. If its in regards to another Charlotte meet, your guess is a good as mine.

I want to go to a KK meet. i can get 2 or 3 toyota's up to the KK.
Nice, the parking lot isn't huge. So that means we might have to cram in there somehow, not saying it is tiny or anything. I decided I am going up there this next week (or sometime this week when I am not busy) and see what I can do. I am in pretty good with the Manager and I don't see a problem. I do favors for him he does favors for me. I'll see what I can do, look for an update sometime later this week or next week.

- Evan
ok that sounds great

i have a 1985 corolla and want to see ifa anyone else is going that has one??
My camry is close to stock, nothing to look at ;-) but I'd still be interested just for the fun of it...
come on, lets do this!
yes lets do it. give me some time i have to get a some more crap done
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